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AppLamp is in 2012 opgericht door Michel Arler en Stijn De Ryck. Wij zoeken samen wereldwijd naar innovatieve producten met concurrerende prijzen die je het leven aangenamer maken. We staan garant voor goed klantcontact, passend advies en we streven naar 100% klanttevredenheid. Indien je een vraag, melding, tip of probleem hebt laat het ons dan […]

Old Roots, New Shoots For nearly a decade, our small family-owned company has been dedicated to providing homes and offices with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor flower pots and plant maintenance tools. Over time, we began to realize there was something more to what we were doing than just decorating built spaces with […]

-Bolt Depot is a remarkable resource. No matter how specialized the need (e.g., stainless steel machine screws with black painted heads in an oddball size) they have them, pack them up in hours and send them on their way. I couldn’t do some projects without them. -Good selection, quality hardware, easy site to navigate, and […]